Safemark Primer 5Kg


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Safemark Primer is an effective solvent-based primer for bonding thermoplastic materials to concrete and worn bituminous surfaces. Its low viscosity facilitates deep penetration into substrates.

Recommended Uses

To improve the adhesion of thermoplastic marking products between concrete, worn asphalt, metal or other bituminous surfaces.


Up to 50 linear metres @ 100mm width line per Kilo.

5 square metres per Kilo, depending on density and porosity of the substrate.


Virtually colourless

Superior adhesion enhancement

Ready to use - no mixing required

Fast drying, Touch dry in approx. 10 minutes

Easy to apply

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean, dry and free from any contamination including dust, dirt oil, grease, laitance and curing agents. Particular attention should be given to ensuring the surface is free from salt, ice and moisture.

Please read data sheets and installation guide carefully prior to application.

Data Sheets & Downloads

Please click here for data sheets, specifications, guides and instructions.

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