Crossing Stud Plain


Pedestrian Delineation

Non Reflective Crossing Road Studs

Pedestrian delineation road studs are non-reflective and are used to indicate a controlled or non-controlled pedestrian crossing area. Crossing road studs are cast from an approved grade of aluminium alloy or stainless steel. They are available as a square top profile or plain in aluminium, or a square top in stainless steel.

The aluminium 100mm square crossing road studs come with a plain top, or with a raised profile to improve skid resistance in adverse weather conditions.

The stainless steel variety is only available with a square plain top. All crossing road studs have a shank for anchoring into the road surface – this effectively resists any twisting movement.

  • Crossing studs are installed into the road using our Hotmelt Adhesive. This is available in 25kg bags.
  • Crossing studs meet the requirements of TSRGD 2016.

*Hotmelt supplied separately

Installation Leaflet [Download]

Brochure [Download]